Happy Birthday, LawSamjho – A Note of Thanks to Rakshitt, Aviral, Pratik and Shiwansh

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Today is the birthday of LawSamjho.in, making LawSamjho a 1 year old child. LawSamjho was the started by me to self-enhance the knowledge of law but I have never thought that within a span of year it will become such successful website/blog with 78,000 hits and 14,000 visitors.

Rakshitt, Aviral and Shiwansh are 4 musketeers whom I found. All the 4 chaps are very brilliant students and researchers; their contribution to Lawsamjho.in is immense and can never be measured by any golden scale. More than being a researcher, they are part of my family and are like my younger brothers. Thank You 4 musketeers for being part of LawSamjho.

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