A Note of Thanks to Sonakshi Arora, Editor-in Chief, on 1st Birthday of LawSamjho

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Today is the birthday of LawSamjho.in, making LawSamjho a 1 year old child. LawSamjho was the started by me to self-enhance the knowledge of law but I have never thought that within a span of year it will become such successful website/blog with 78,000 hits and 14,000 visitors.

When a good innovation and creativeness springs up, everyone who has the capability to smell the fragrance of such innovative and creative step feels like cherishing and nurturing it. I am in debt to those people who saw this creativeness inside me and nurtured it. The first being my very good friend and editor-in-chief of LawSamjho, Sonakshi Arora, who was always there with me as pillar of support. She always supported me in every endeavour and no matter what she was always available for me. She is one such person whom I have tortured a lot with my actions but she has never failed to support me. After the idea of LawSamjho.in planted in my head, she was the one who helped me to water it and become what it is today. To summarize her contribution to my life and LawSamjho.in, I just want to say that SHE BELIEVED IN MY CAPABILITIES, INTELLIGENCE AND FORESIGHT MORE THAN WHAT MY REAL FAMILY DOES.

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