Writ against SC Registry alleging bias in listing matters dismissed

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Reepak Kansal v Secretary­ General, Supreme Court Of India & Ors


WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO.541 OF 2020 decided 06.07.2020

BenchArun Mishra and S. Abdul Nazeer, JJ.


The petitioner, who is an Advocate practicing in this Court, has filed the writ petition under Article 32 of the Constitution of India against various officers of the Registry of this Court and the Union of India regarding unequal treatment to the ordinary lawyers/ litigants and favouritism to some law firms or Advocates.


The Court disposing off the writ petition with nominal cost of Rs 100 said that petition   as   filed   could   not   be   said   to   be   maintainable because the petitioner ought to have impleaded the Supreme Court of India in the Writ application through   Secretary General which he failed to do.

The Court further said that it expects from the Registry to work efficiently and at the same timevit is expected of the lawyers also to remove the defects effectively and not to unnecessarily cast aspersions on the system.

The Court also took judicial notice of the fact that such evil is also spreading in the various High Courts, and Registry is blamed unnecessarily for no good reasons and asked lawyers to remember that they are the part of the judicial system; they are officers of the Court and are a class apart in the society.

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