Interview with Samarth Agarwal: From Courtroom to Classroom and being author of best seller books on Judicial Services

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कई जीत बाकी हैं कई हार बाकी हैं,

अभी तो जिंदगी का सार बाकी है,

यहाँ से चले हैं नई मंजिल के लिए,

ये एक पन्ना था अभी तो किताब बाकी है।

The above quote is apt to describe the journey of Samarth Agarwal. Mr Samarth Agrawal completed his B.A.LL.B (Hons.) course from University of Allahabad. He did his post-graduation from prestigious Indian Law Institute, New Delhi where he got Gold Medal in Jurisprudence. While pursuing LL.M he cleared NET/JRF examination. Thereafter he got selected in Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services Exam, 2013 batch. He served as Additional Civil Judge (J.D), Judicial Magistrate/Metropolitan Magistrate in district Bhadohi and Kanpur Nagar. He resigned from judicial service in year 2018 to look after his publication firm Pariksha Manthan. Mr. Samarth Agrawal has passion for teaching owing to which he initially become Unacademy Educator and later on he went on to start Pariksha Manthan Judicial Classes. Mr Samarth Agarwal has a great level of scholarship when it comes to law and apart from being a former Civil Judge and Metropolitan Magistrate, he is also an entrepreneur, educator and author of several books.

Thank you Sir, for the interview with LawSamjho.

You have cracked lot of examinations like ILI entrance exam, UGC NET JRF, judicial services exams including UP Judiciary etc and ALL THIS IN VERY FIRST ATTEMPT. What’s your secret strategy behind this?

Thank you! LawSamjho for inviting me for this interview. There is no ‘secret’ strategy behind cracking examinations. Only thing you have to focus is smart work in right direction. Knowledge and smart work are key elements for clearing examinations. While preparing for judicial services I solely focussed on syllabus of examination and prepared accordingly. As far as prelims examination is concerned I tried to solve as many MCQs as possible in order to achieve accuracy. This gave me a fair idea about the nature of questions that are asked in prelims. For mains examinations I studied from self prepared notes and practised answer writing. The sum and substance is to keep it simple and focus on what you want to achieve. There should be no deviation in any manner whatsoever.  

Being a Judge is a dream job for many and you resigned from such prestigious job. Why did you resigned from Judicial Services?

Yes! It was a dream job for me as well. I agree that it is a very prestigious job but it is not the only profession which is prestigious. It is up to the person to work sincerely and honestly to make any profession/business prestigious in its own right. I resigned from judicial services to look after publication house of my family. I always had a keen interest in books and teaching. At the back of my mind I always thought to do something meaningful in field of book publishing. It’s just that I realized the fact that I may be able to contribute in this field in a more worthwhile manner. So, all these factors contributed in this very important decision making of my life.

Starting your own Coaching Institute was an Accidental Brilliance. Could you please tell us more about your venture and how very first batch from your coaching institute gave marvellous result in UP Judiciary?

It was an accidental start but students made it a brilliant start. When I was mooting the idea to resign from the services the thought of starting an institute for judicial services never crossed my mind. Initially I was not really sure about the success of the institute but fortunately things panned out in right direction with constant hard work and blessings of God and my parents.   

You are author of many best-seller books on judicial services. Tell us about them?

When I was preparing for various competitive examinations I faced lot of difficulties in getting quality study materials. I try to address those shortcomings and difficulties which a student faces while preparing for competitive examinations. I write books from the perspective of students and intended examinations. Small stint in judicial services also helped me understand finer intricacies of law and I also use that experience in book writing.     

Lastly any advice for people aspiring to become judges and entrepreneur like you?

Just keep it simple, think in right perspective. Honestly assess your abilities and work hard to convert your dreams into reality. Most importantly don’t hesitate in taking decisions. Take a decision and make it count!

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